KYC registration through mRupee

Submitted by Kusum Sen on Wed, 14/02/2018 - 16:06

Benefits of a Full KYC Wallet

  1. Your maximum Wallet limit Rs. 100,000/-
  2. Maximum P2P Money transfer limit will be Rs. 25,000/- per month
3 simple steps to register
  1. Download CAF here and fill it completely & properly
  2. Attach supporting documents
    a) POA (Proof of Address)
    b) POI ( Proof of Identity) in case your POA is not including your photograph
  3. Dispatch the documents at the following address.

Rohit Gupta (CSD Head)
MMP Mobi Wallet Payment Systems Limited
2A, Old Ishwar Nagar,
Main Mathura Road, New Delhi- 110065

Following documents can be used as Proof of Address (POA)
  1. Aadhar /Unique Identity Number
  2. Voter ID Card
  3. Driving License (Not valid for Maharashtra circle as POA)
  4. Passport
  5. Arm License
  6. Electricity Bill/ Water Bill not older than 3 months supported with Pan Card (or any other government ID with photograph)
  7. Landline Telephone Bill not older than 3 months(Only BSNL & MTNL) supported with Pan Card (or any other government ID with photograph)
  8. Vehicle Registration Certificate supported with Pan Card

Important Information
  1. It is necessary to print both the pages of CAF (Front & Back)
  2. Print quality of CAF should be good & in readable condition.
  3. In case front & back page are printed on separate pages it is necessary for the user to sign both the pages.
  4. Passport sized recent color photo to be pasted on the front page of CAF.
  5. Photograph to be cross signed
  6. Front CAF page to be completely filled & signed.
  7. Cutting/Overwriting is not allowed.
  8. Please ensure that the information is filled in rest of the fields as well & non applicable fields are crossed.
  9. User to provide a clearly visible copy of self attested POA & POI (As applicable).
  10. Also ensure the POA & POI are not expiring in next 2 months.
  11. Driving License is not applicable as POA for Maharashtra.
  12. Auto SMS will be triggered post KYC upgradation.
  13. * Marked fields are Mandatory (Sample as below)
    a) Mobile Number
    b) Application Date
    c) Gender
    d) Title
    e) Wallet Type
    f) Name
    g) Father’s Name
    h) Address(All fields example state, pin etc)
    i) POI & POA
    j) Nationality
    k) DOB
    l) Signature
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Lavon J. Cooney

Sat, 05/01/2019 - 12:54

In this information is very useful to me. I am collecting the best sources and best ideas from you. I am reading the best conditions and proofs here. I have applied my pan card in SBI bank. It is getting good facilities and required ideas also. I am very interesting to applying that. My friend is also helping me to get the great ideas for using the Pan Card application. I have pay the transaction charges for applying pan card. I have submitted the all types of proofs for getting my pan card. Still i am not receiving that. Your post is looking great and understandable nature also. I am collecting the benefits for KYC account registration. Thanks for given these information here. I am attaching my doubts and including the required details also here. Some common methods are used for registering. I need to get the passport so i want my pan card soon. My father is managing business in USA. i need to help them to control the business activities.

Please tell me the details about controlling it. I need the pan card related ideas and tips here. I am searching the related ideas and supportive documents. I am getting experts for supporting to me. They are given some knowledge and skill about applying pan card. I am sharing my details to them. How to change the phone number in after submitted application? Did you know? Please help me. My sister enters wrong phone number in their pan card application. But their application as successfully submitted. I am collecting more people’s reviews and response about KYC account benefits. More users are using the same bank account for save their money.  Better work and getting more customers also. All types of customers are getting their pan card. Where the application is issued for open an new account? I am not known about that. Help me please to search that

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